Children’s Writing

Guest Poet Charlotte Land, 11



A lion is a big cat,

A cat is a pet,



Lions are big cats!

Can’t have pet lions!

Wild Animals.


Once upon a time a new baby lion cub was born,

Out of the blue a vicious lion bounded on the baby,

The baby’s parents were devastated!

They did not want their baby to go.


If they had one wish,

They would wish for the baby to stay,

So the parents said,

‘We will go, not him!’

So they went away,

Twelve years.


The baby was no baby,


He grew into a fierce adult lion,

Became known as,

‘The Great Lion.’


He did not know,

His parents were sad.

The Great Lion fought

To know his parents.

He won and got to know his mum and dad.



Charlotte Land


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