Can you interpret this poem accurately? From a Bipolar mind?

Muted Witness


The guilt rips the remains of my rotten soul,

A disheveled wretch tormented, bleeding with guilt,

Unable to look at our mother for shame.


I am not the culprit who extinguished you but she is kin,

Her action has muted my tongue forever,

Lest the matter destroy further the remnants of our home!


I beg and pray to God that this were a dream,

And I would wake confused and disorientated but free,

Knowing that my sibling lived warmed with the life’s blood.


Living in ignorance cripples the declining matriarch,

Truth would tighten the caustic chains and never set her free,

Her residual tribe would be annihilated, miscarried and that can never be!


Sister sleeping in the Earth your feet trod on many hearts,

Your sharp-tongue and blind self-indulgence hurt,

A deficiency of empathy and objectivity was your Hubris.


Never noticing the wrath filled army brimming with vexation that grew,

Blindly acting with malice scarcely shielded by our devotion,

Foolishly blundering on, your eyes obscured to your lineage’s reactions!


The vision of our kinswoman’s vengeance clouds my spirit,

Mentally she perceived you as a vicious arachnid requiring poison,

The creature, on polluting her home, was bound and lacerated,

Persecuted for its cruel infestation, unaware of its offensive presence.


The beast, reduced by acid and heat as if it never existed, expired in dread!

I struggle with blood-stained knowledge and loss of your flighty soul,

But for our lineage and for-bearer I will suffer until the day I am dead!




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